Sunday, July 20, 2014

be grateful



Other people's challenges and problems are way bigger than yours.
Difficulties faced by Muslims in Gaza,
tragedies of MH17 and MH370.
those surely remind how lucky and blessed you are.
stop (minimize) complaining. be more grateful.
be more husnudzon.
be more pious (habluminallah).

it's Ramadhan. the last phase.
let's make the best of it!

p/s: #notetoself

Saturday, July 19, 2014



Mengorat hati wanita itu mudah.

Pikat hati walinya.
Ambil hati keluarganya.

Mahu dapat hati kesemua sekali itu mudah.

Doa bersungguh pada PENCIPTA hati-hati yang selalu berbolak-balik itu.

p/s: termasuklah wanita.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

dear self


Jika ingin yang terbaik,
Usaha juga untuk jadi yang terbaik. : )

p/s: Nota untuk diri

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pre Ramadhan.


Lately, i feel like things hv gone here and there.
I feel like my productivity graph has gone down to the bottom.
I lost the momentum.
i slowed down too much after hours and days of speeding.
It is now gonna be quite hard to change into higher gears.
Blame the driver! Haha.

And oh..
The holy month of ramadhan is approaching.. in less than 3 days.
I like ramadhan. It is a month full of barakah and rahmah.
A month that doas would be mustajab.
A month where i would eat dates more. :p
However, i feel like i am not fully (spiritually) ready for it.
I feel like there are many lackings in myself especially in terms of being a good and pious servant to ALLAH SWT.

Hopefully.. Ramadhan could mould me to be a notch higher, in terms of being a good muslimah.
Teach me to be grateful and improve myself (and being istiqamah on that).

I hope that my energy and positivity level would not go down.
May Allah grant my duas and help me, and all of us achieve good things in life and hereafter.

p/s: i cant wait for the weekend. Tomorrow is sport's day :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

too busy.. too preoccupied..


from google

TRUE enough :)

p/s: WORDS without ACTIONS are very much doubtful.
ACTIONS without WORDS are pretty much confusing.
Synchronization is a must.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mekong River Sampan Tour



p/s: im craving for cream puff. but too 'rajin' to make one! huhu

Day 1 : Ho Chi Minh


hi.. this is just like a diary for me to remember what actually happened etc.

ok, 3rd june... i went to ho chi minh with my 3 girl friends and beloved colleagues.
im not going to write much i think..ive given wordy tips and tricks in previous entry.
here and next entries, perhaps pictures would explain better..  :)

DAY 1 (3rd June 2014, Tuesday)

-it was my first time travelling for hours (1am-5am) by bus at night.
my first time spending my beauty sleep in a bus. uncomfortable as i couldnt straighten my legs. huhu
but........ i survived. Alhamdulillah. hehe.

-flight was at 9 am by MAS.

KLIA airport

looking fresh kannn.. True,,, fresh from bus and sleep. hehe :p

 always ready for photos

our cheapskate breakfast. gagaga

Arrived at Ho Chi Minh around 1030 am

 we opted for the front seat..sebelah driver yang suka hon and ketawa. ahaha

many motorcycles. Cars were expensive. hence.. motorbikes are the best option! 
btw, i love seeing the motocyclists 'fashion'. Unique!

another amazing thing bout Vietnam. the cabels. i saw their electrician repairing the cabels. 
i felt like giving him an applause! :p
oh, thanx TNB and TELEKOM Malaysia! hehe

Lunch at Nha Do Red House. 

Note: Red House restaurant : Halal (with certificate), food 3 stars, service 4 stars (friendly waiters who can speak Malay), clean and comfy + Wifi! :D

Saigon Cathedral 

                           the cathedral has French influence. Materials were brought from there too.
French was there for missionary purposes.

The Post Office 

was designed by the famous guy who designed Eiffel Tower, Gustave Eiffel 

War Remnants Museum 

Thanh Truong Hotel

Hotel nampak je lokasi tak cantik, sempit and tinggi.
but dalam dia ok. 
service pun ok. 
refer to tips and tricks entry for more details! hehe

my room was small (they offered many types of  rooms..but i got this! huhu).
 but it was ok. i could sleep well. ahaha.  

View from the 3rd floor  

Small toilet but would do for 3 nights. Water hose, checked! hehe

Banana Leaf Halal Restaurant

this was where we met Ust Kazim Elias! hehe.. kat perak tak jumpa pun..
kat Vietnam pula kita ketemu kann..hehe

So the restaurant...  Halal, food 3 stars, service 3 stars, clean but quite stuffy (small place) 
has wifi! :D

Night Market 

-It was very near to the hotel. within walking distance
-start at 6-7 pm until 11 pm plus. 
-price was quite the same as Ben Thanh market.
-RM is accepted. 
-interesting thing: they have this Dewan Bandaraya thing too; who would check for motorbike's sellers/ street sellers yg xd permit berniaga. So.. whenever they came to inspect, a lil bit of 'chaos' would happen. 
few motorcyclists would signal the sellers "wowowowowooo" sth like that. 
and in a blink of eyes, street sellers grabbed their stuff and brought em to the nearest shop/ walkway.
clearrr abes..
then tak sampai 5 minutes, open table balik...hehehe
so just careful masa diorang sibuk bagi signal and kemas barang. takut ada yang ambil kesempatan, 
ragut sesuatu masa orang kelam kabut.  

-BUT...this one is very serious...
 be careful ..really careful of pickpocket, snatch thefts and being cheated!
My friends (2 guys) lost their Note 3 and Smart phone at the night market.
i think they were eyed prior to that incident.
So they were preoccupied with phones on their palms..walking while eyes on the phones.
First victim's smart phone was snatched, he yelled to his friend (he was shocked).
then, his friend pulak yg kene snatched. 
they walked together actually.
and the thefts, MIA.

that incident was somehow made our trip more fun and merry. 
with no phones, they talked and communicated more especially in the bus!
(victims were jokers and hilarious guys!)
hence, more jokes and laughter! hehe.

still, be careful of your belongings k! :D 
tips: always attach your phone or camera strings to your hand.
do not take out phones or cameras unless you want to use em. keep em safe.
Keep your wallet, purse or handbag safe too. for handbags, hold em strong, ladies! hehe

p/s: next entry would be our next trip to Delta Mekong and Shopping! :)


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