Sunday, July 05, 2015



Ramadhan 18, Sunday

i went quite late to Masjid An Nur for isyak and terawih,
but Alhamdulillah, i managed to squeeze into the mesjid (not the outside saf)
it was the last saf inside the mesjid, in between 2 little girls.
i felt like a mommy with two daughters. hehe.
and the girl on my right,
she performed all 8 rakaat of terawih + 3 rakaat of witir,
without complaining or having the urge to join other kids playing.
If she's my daughter, i would kiss her.
May you grow up to be a pious servant of ALLAH SWT, daughter, wife and mother.
(and may i have the chance to be one too, in sya ALLAH)


Earlier, i met an unexpected person at aeon ipoh.
we stumbled upon each other and were kinda stunned.
i tried really hard to recognize his name, or at least, how i knew this familiar face.
"ok, this must be my primary school friend. but man! what's his name ya??"
until he then said, "teacher...sarah kan?"
it's my ex 5PD 2013 student!
my favourite class of the year (the funniest and hilarious class). hehe.
still, it was quite hard for me to recall his name until.... i got into the fitting room.
yes, his name is Aqil Amsyar!
i didnt forget u. and happy fasting :)

Monday, June 29, 2015


I pay my own electricity, water, phone, internet etc bills. 

But when it comes to car, i hv to admit that i only know 3 things; Drive it.
Fuel it.
And fill the tyres with air whenever necessary.

N Oh.. decorate the inside. Lol

I hv never even opened my car bonnet on my own (wat for? Lol).
Once, my brother taught me how to check the engine oil level...sambil2 introduced me to the engine parts etc. Bros also taught me how to change tyres. Seriously...seeing the demonstration, i already knew i hv no energy to do that. Huhu..

And when i said i only knw 3 things bout car, i seriously meant it. I never knw how to pay for my roadtax ( normally i gv money to daddy/bros n they did it)..maintenance/scheduled services of my car pun normally my bros did. Teruknya lah rasa.

But today, i renew my own roadtax. Pat on my The prob is, how to nicely stick it on my windscreen? Ive never done it. Huhu

P/s; Seriously sara, u need to learn more that just driving, fueling, and filling air.

Saturday, June 27, 2015



masih ingat bagaimana sekeping puisi di bulan Ramadhan mengukir senyuman sepenuh hati,
dan senyuman ke telinga itu juga yang kau tangisi,
kerna khuatir ia bakal bikin hati terisi lebih dengan dia berbanding DIA.
khuatir melalaikan, khuatir rasa itu bukan milik dirimu yang hakiki.
khuatir ia semua adalah sementara.

dan sementara itu yang terjadi.

Ampuni kami semua yang sering alpa.
Bantulah kami mencintai- MU melebihi diri kami,
keluarga kami dan air yang dingin.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Smile on her face

Her pencil case was torn, old and had lots of pen marks on it. It looked as if it was given by her elder siblings..or perhaps the one that she had used since years.

I noticed that few weeks ago. And it was few weeks ago that i told her to come and meet me after school..i wanted to give her a new pencil case; one that i bought at s.iskandar. sadly..she didnt come and see me.

So today, again. I told her to go to the staffroom and bring along her pencil case. This time, i walked with her. I asked a few things bout herself, just to get to know her more. She was really a quite student. When i first taught her class last year, she even sulked with me when i asked her a question (on english language of course). She didnt look at me but just stared at the window blankly. She was not the kind of student who is rude but she is soo introvert and quiet; very different from her younger brother who is really talkative and her elder sister who is quite hot-tempered (with her classmates).

So i invited her to my table.
Then i gave her a new pencil case. She smiled.. a really sincere smile. Her eyes were smiling too. It was just a pencil case.. it was less than rm 10 but her smile was priceless.
I didnt really have a long chat with her coz another teacher might have entered her class. So before she went back to her class, she called me. I thought she just wanted to say thank you but she offered her hands, to salam/shake hands with me.

Alhamdulillah and thank you L for giving me the chance to do something good today.

I rarely write and share these kinda things in my blog. But the fact that i had shared it here today makes me feels even pumped up to do more. In sya Allah.

Please pray that i could always do better, more and beyond teaching. Somehow i think that it is not really them who need me. But im the one who need them, as a medium to do good. I need to instil 'ilmu yg bermanfaat' and do more 'sedeqah jariah'. Let it be small but continuously. May Allah safeguard me, and us all from being selfish and insincere.

Monday, June 15, 2015


How can you ever forget,
...when all of em are happy memories?

Saturday, June 13, 2015


Tika kau intai,
Saat itu hati terusik.
Mata berkaca,
Tunggu masa tumpah mencurah.

Tika itu,
Bisikkan kalimah Tuhan berulang kali.
Hingga hilang keterusikan menggila.

Ldr hubs n wives

Im amazed at how people could survive LDR after marriage..
I mean,away from spouse and perhaps their child(ren).
They r really strong, emotionally and spiritually.
It must be because of HIM.
'Bertemu dan berpisah(sementara) kerana Dia'.

Moga Allah SWT sentiasa berkati para isteri dan suami yang berkasih sayang kerana DIA.


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