Friday, August 28, 2015

You know, it was like in a drama,
when a mother or a wife was praying and then reciting some zikr using the tasbeh and then.... pufff!
That suspense or sad background music came in...
Tasbeh terputus
The beads were everywhere
And uve got that bad feelings.

Rasa nak nangis pulak. Ala2 dramatic..
I need a new tasbeh. That was a tasbeh given by my friend last 2 years i think.  And now..dah terputus 😣

And that sejadah/ prayer mat was given by my ex principal whom ive just had a chance of working with him for 3 months. He gave a sejadah to every staff on his retirement day. That was in 2011.
And im still using it til now.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kiroman katibin

#nw malaikat hafazah #cintailmudanfalsafah

Ive first heard the term 'kiroman katibin' from my friend, I, in dec 2013.
He said that before we sleep, we could make niat, and ask kiroman katibin to wake us up at a certain time (with Allah's will).

Kiroman katibin are the angels on our right and left shoulders who keep tracks and records of our good deeds and bad ones..

So that night, i made a niat to wake up at 6am. In that niat, i mentioned kiroman katibin, and i mentioned with the wills of ALLAH too.. and Alhamdulillah, the next morning, i woke up around be exact, 5.55am, without alarm clock.

Tq I for sharing the 'ilm with me. Uve got ur 'share' for akhirah, in sya Allah...


And ive also learnt that if we recite quranic verses/surah and some zikir before we sleep, and also make a strong, sincere and specific niat to wake up early (for example; O Allah, please wake me up at the last phase of the night so i could submit myself to YOU..), in sya Allah, HE would wake us up early.

p/s: it s my birthday today. Alhamdulillah.. ☺😊 #tuesday

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Tegur kerana sayang


Met with a friendly makcik at An Nur mesjd. She was not from the neighbourhood though.

We had a chat here and there in between the ceramah. She was actually on her way back home to silibin after teaching fardhu ain, etc at Seri Kenangan (an old folks home). But it was raining heavily before Maghrib and the road that she normally used was flooded. So she had to use an alternative route, which had brought her to An-Nur mesjid. She repeatitively mentioned how grateful she was for having the opportunity to solat there and listened to the talk by our guest speaker, Dr Azlan on mukmin sejati (Surah al-Mu'minun; 1-11).. ☺

After the talk, we performed Isyak prayer side by side. And soon after we finished the prayer with du'a, etc,.. she tegur me in a humble and kind way (like a mother to her daughter); she said that when performing congregational prayers (jamaah prayers), makmum could not prolong the final sujood any longer than the imam.

In my very limited knowledge and 'ilm, especially in fiqh (please correct me if im wrong) ; 
I've learnt from ustaz(ah) that in jamaah prayers, makmum could prolong the final sujood as long as the imam has not yet recited the syahadah OR maximum, the solawat onto Nabi Muhammad SAW in tahiyyat akhir (meaning, you can prolong your sujood BUT not for TOO long). The best is to prolong your sujood when you perform prayers individually..

But i didnt say anything back to her bout that. I smiled and sincerely thanking her for telling me that. Having a makcik whom ive just met for perhaps an hour, and had actually 'corrected' me on that, was something im grateful for. That simply shows she cares about me. Alhamdulillah..

Makcik S, hope we could meet again,  In sya Allah.. Thank you for your kindness and may Allah bless you, and all of us 😊

For further explanation on 'could makmum prolong their sujood?'; click the link below...

Dalam banyak kisah,
Memang kita yang bersalah
Terlalu kaku dan malu untuk mengolah.

Tapi tiap salah yang disambut diam,
dan tiap guris yang dipendam,
Mana mungkin minda faham,
Mana mampu hati ini hadam.

Walau itu yang kadang kita lakukan,
Bicara awal kadang disambut kata
Walau sepatah tapi bisa berbunga jiwa.

Kata nasihat berhikmah itu penguat.
Penguat buat apa yang telah tertambat.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Siapa yang pernah kesat air mata kau?




Siapa yang mampu hilangkan kesedihan kau?


Bukan kau.
Bukan ibu.
Bukan mereka.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Nasihat yang berhikmah. Yang padanya tiada marah dan tiada kata pelemah.

Mendengar pada pengalaman mereka.
Yang padanya ada kejujuran rasa dan keikhlasan cerita.

Nasihat mereka masih bergema.
"Sudah tarafnya kita seorang hamba, selayaknya diuji oleh DIA.."

Sel dalam otak berhubung segera dengan janji TUHAN (al-Baqarah; 286)... bahawa DIA tidak akan uji kita dengan ujian yang tidak mampu kita hadapi.

Bila kali terakhir kita bersyukur kerana diuji?

Soal aku kepada aku..


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